Project Stedfast - Buy A Brick

Purchase a "brick" to help us build new classrooms for St Andrews School

You can buy your Brick Certificate from any of the 4 BB Companies - and you can purchase a brick online and we will post it to you.

You will appear on our virtual wall below, unless of course you want to remain anonymous.

Asante Sana!

Buy your brick online now!

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St Andrews School Brick Wall

Claire Noble
Megan Baskill
Jane Duffin
Jane Duffin
Laura Duffin
Grandad Gray
Hazel Carr
Lynette Williamson
Peter Dickson
Sandra Grant
Jeffrey Logan
Neil Lindsay
Dale Randall
Alan Meikle
David Denholm
Karen Campbell
Mark Finlayson
Ryan Kemp
John Wilson
Ian Thomas
Prestonpans Hearts SC
The Thomas Family
Keith Leslie
Jim Ralston
Scott Wallace
Archie Wallace
Nicola Wallace
Scarlett Wallace
Lesley-Ann Peacock
Paul Slater
Nancy Wilson
Sheila Hanratty
Gordon Hanratty
Shaun Ralston
Jack Birrell
Joyce Birrell
Margaret Dalgleish
Catherine Dalgleish
Eilidh Dalgleish
Jim Ralston Snr.
David Ralston
Nicola Ralston
Kyle Anderson
Muriel McLaren
Mike Robertson
Audrey McLaren
Jamie Ralston
Scott Ralston
A MacBean
George Dudgeon
Graham Hanratty
Jack Meikle
Evelyn Fleming
Emma Curran
Ann & Brian Sharp
Beeca Leslie
Charlie Leslie
K Smith
Lynnette Williamson
D Hilton
R MacBean
Alan Muir
T Denholm